Green Door Las Vegas

Green Door las Vegas Dark Room
The Green Door
953 East Sahara Avenue
Suite B-27
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

The Club was founded in 1998 and has since earned the title of America's Most Unique Adult Social Club. Open 365 days a year, some better than others I found during my first experience at The Green Door.

Green Door Las Vegas Main RoomThe facility was more than well equipped to handle a large number of people ?playing? as they put it.  My only issue was the lack of people. I'm positive that on weekends or during Las Vegas' ?Lifestyle? events, The Green Door would be busier.  There were about 10 people inside when we went in to view and experience the world famous social club.  Alcohol at the Green Door is non-existent. Not even a BYOB situation. There is however a bar located next door which I was informed by Green Door staff that once you've been inside and given a wristband, you can come and go as you please.  As far as condom availability, they sell anything you might need, including toys, lubes and condoms of all varieties. 

I and my companion arrived by taxi. Upon entering we were greeted by a gentleman who explains all the rules and regulations in a pretty straight forward manner. He then directed us to the cashier for payment. $45 for couples with NV ID on a weekday. There was a single man behind us who I overheard being quoted a $90 cover charge. There is a pricing chart on the Green Door's website that even lists weekly, monthly and yearly rates:

Green Door Las Vegas Rates

Getting inside the club we found lockers for keeping valuables. Locks are rented at the bar, $2.  I think there were 3 levels there but I can't be sure.  Either way, there were 18,000 square feet to explore. The whole place kind of seemed like a haunted house when you first go in. It's just dark enough with hallways and staircases that confused me a bit. I found myself having to backtrack a few times.  We passed but did not utilize the hot tub and steam room which looked nice, clean and well maintained.  There are 2 large couples?s only rooms, one of which has a twist. A couple can invite a single man or woman inside to have fun with. Once finished, the single man or woman must leave. Stages throughout the club decorated with brass poles mark amateur strip shows with signs that warn ?tips are not allowed?.  Green Door Las Vegas DungeonThe dungeon room was interesting.  Sex swings and other sex apparatus were scattered throughout. It was not without some authentic dungeon lockup furniture to make one feel as they were actually in an old dungeon being violated from behind. And just in case getting naked and messing around in public gets boring.....they have a few pool tables.

OK, back to earlier.  My big issue was the lack of people, about 10 of them. Of the 10, roughly 4 of them were couples.  The singles on a slow night just hang out and wait for the action to happen.  I don't realize this until we found our own little out of the way, secluded spot.  I'm laid back receiving an amazing blow job which lasts probably about 10-15 minutes. When I open my eyes and sit up there are 3 complete strangers watching. Like 4-5 feet away watching.  I know now that maybe if I didn't want to be watched I should have gone to the couple?s only area.  But like I said before, a busy weekend you can be a small fish in a big pond.  That night, we were whales in a bathtub.  I would have been watching me too.  I would definitely go again, I would just call ahead to make sure there are a few more people there.  Just have fun and be safe.

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Green Door Las Vegas Daytime
Green Door Las Vegas No wear room

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